Photo Gallery from The Alien Nation Pilot -- (click photo to enlarge)
Makeup creator Rick Stratton &
Lauren Woodland
The Emmy-Winning Makeup Team:
Michele Burke, Richard Snell, and
Rick Stratton with
Jeff Marcus at
the first make-up test
Rich, Jeff, Rick & Michele
Producer Art Seidel
The Cop Shop at Lacy Street with
Eric Pierpoint & Gary Graham
With Judi Brown, Script
John McPherson, Cinematographer
Eric at work
The Billboard
Sean Six & Eric
First A.D. Venita Ozols-Graham
thinking the director has lost his
mind. Again.
Gary & Lauren at the school
Lauren at the school
Claude Riggens, Soundman,
who had worked with Kenny
since Bionic Woman
Husk Alley
Ron Fassler, Gary, Kenny, Eric,
Jeff & Kenny's daughter Juliet,
who created the Tenctonese
Julie, Lisa Bowman, Katie &
Susie Johnson
Gary & Terri Treas
The Family Photo
John McPherson, Cinematographer
John McPherson, Cinematographer