Photo Gallery for Alien Nation: Body and Soul
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Bob Lemchen Head of Fox Production
and Producer
Paul Kurta
Susie Johnson as "The Penis Lady"
with Terri and
Gary Graham
Colin Irwin, Production Designer & 2nd
Dirk Craft
Eddie Surkin, Set Special Effects
A Field of Dreams
Cate Adair, Costume Designer & Paul
Tiny Ron with Samantha & Jon Epstein,
Stunt Coordinator
Judi Saunders, Script Supervisor
Venita Ozols-Graham, 1st A.D. &
Associate Producer
Kristin Davis & The Boys
Kristin, Rick Stratton Makeup Guru &
The Heaviest Makeup Day
Paul on the run
Shelly Johnson, Cinematographer
Thinking through a set-up
Gayle Highpine, who did a thesis on the
Tenctonese language, in makeup as
Newcomer "Gayle Warnings"
Tiny Ron and Danielle Warren