Photo Gallery from Alien Nation: Dark Horizon
(click photo to enlarge)
Day 1 -- Back in the alleys, with
Scott Patterson
Kenny & son Michael
Writer-Producers Diane Frolov
& husband
Andy Schneider
The lovely Terri Treas
Venita Ozols-Graham, 1st A.D.,
Associate Producer and
all-around right arm
Venita talks L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley
into gracing us with a cameo
Kenny and Susie
(Note the t-shirt)
Cinematographer Lloyd Ahern
watches the set-up
Michele Scarabelli & Lauren
Woodland (who is growing up)
Venita has Kenny's back
At Vasquez Rocks
Scott & Terri at Vasquez
Vasquez Vista
How about from here?
Michael & his alien sister, Katie
Alien Priestess Susie Johnson
A mixed couple.