More Photos from Alien Nation: The Enemy Within
(click photo to enlarge)
Cate & Joe Lando
Production Coordinaror Enid Kantor
& Producer
Ron Mitchell
Enid & Ron later in the game
Michele's back
The old Herald Examiner basement
Tiny Ron has eyes for us
Tiny & Brenda Griffin, Kenny's assistant
who took most of these photos
In the hospital with Brigitta Dau
Lunch with Canadians Kerrie Keane
& Michele Scarabelli
Michael Johnson becomes a
Tenctonese waiter
My son, the Alien
Not The Beach Boys
Stand-in Donna O'Conner helps out
The tunnels of Encino's Tillman Sewage
Treatment -- mmmm, smells great
Scattergood Power Generating Station,
El Segundo. Note the tee-shirt.
Ed Wood takes over as director
(Kenny's first time in heels -- so he says)