Some Favorite Photos
With Susie on Alien Nation: Dark Horizon
The Alien Nation Family & Susie as priestess
The first test of the white eyes on Bix
Katie visits Senior Trip in New York
Assistant & Daughter Juliet Johnson
on Sherlock Holmes in Vancouver
Johnny Five visits Toronto
Katie does a slate on Short Circuit 2
On the Shadow Chasers set
Near home in Encino
Stage 25 at Warners
Venita Ozols-Graham, 1st A.D. &
Associate Producer
The Disco on Bourbon Street
Kenneth, Sr. with Dina Merrill in Louisiana
A kiss for Daddy
Production Assistant Michael Johnson,
Kenny's son
Michael turns Tenctonese
Son David meets Johnny
The Last Shot on The Last Day of The Last Alien Nation
Movie -- eight years of great work and pals forever
In control
Out of control