Photo Gallery Hot Pursuit
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Day 1 on the Mississippi in New Orleans
The Usual Suspects: Key Grip Ron Record,
John McPherson & Lighting
Jack Schlosser -- all from The Hulk & V
Leading lady Kerrie Keane
Kerrie & co-star Eric Pierpoint (who would
later star for Kenny in Alien Nation)
The Disco on Bourbon Street
Brienne Glyttov (r) Costume Designer from
The Hulk & V, later Alien Nation
In the French Quarter
Kenny's Louisiana relatives, Aunt Bernice,
cousin Barbara & kids
A tow shot for real, after a miscue during a stunt
leads to a head-on collision
Special Effects Chief Tom Ryba shoots a
tranquilizer dart
In the New Orleans courtroom -- this scaffold
almost toppled. Lots of near-misses on this
Production Designer Chuck Davis blesses
Line Producer
Art Seidel
Camera Operator Neil Roach, right-center
Lining up in Baton Rouge
The Patriarch
Kerrie & Eric do a dangerous stunt themselves
An intimate love scene with 30 people watching
Dina Merrill on her character's modest estate