The Season Two Box Set released on July 17,
2007 (obviously to honor the birthday of
Kenny's daughter Katie).

The two-hour, Emmy-winning season opener,
Married features a full-length commentary by
Kenny who has also recorded a special
on-camera interview for this box set and
supplied rare, behind-the-scenes photos.

Season One of the series released on July 18,
2006. The box set includes the movie pilot with
a full length commentary by Kenny and an
interview with Lou.
All five seasons of the critically acclaimed
series have now been released.

The sets include on-camera interviews with
Kenny and producers
Bob Steinhauer,  Karen
Harris and Jill Sherman Donner.

Below: On Friday, January 18, 2008, Kenny
recorded a full length commentary for his
Prometheus which opened the fourth
season. Note his original Hulk Crew vest.
Don't miss this amazing list of what makes
Dr. David Banner
Hulk Out!
Jamie Willett, Erik Anderson & Kenny editing
the special features for Seasons 3, 4 & 5.
This "Ultimate Collection"
was the first set to be
released on DVD and
contains various episodes
from all five seasons of the
show. It is far from "Ultimate."

It lacks any documentation
and has no special features
or commentaries.

It is still available, but a
-- The new five season
DVD release above is far
Hulk main title on Family Guy !
A terrific, in-depth Hulk Companion Book
And part of the new Lego
Avenger collection...
Kenny video re Stan & The Hulk
Hulk cover story in Rolling Stone