Photo Gallery for The Incredible Hulk Series
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In Times Square
On Park Avenue
Shooting in freezing
New York City
From Married - The Second Season
opening movie
Beached in Malibu
On location in the desert of
Brawley, California
Among the dunes --
at 125 degrees!
Lou Ferrigno, Stunt
Coordinator & Bix's
stunt double
Orsatti, with Lou's stunt
Manny Perry
Mariette Hartley, who won the Emmy
for Best Actress in a Drama Series for
her performance in
From Prometheus -- The Fourth Season opening movie
Fishing in Tajunga Wash
Reaching for Laurie Prange
Cinematographer  John McPherson
& Kenny line up a shot
A supportive director
Picking another angle
Waterlogged Laurie
Craning over Indian Dunes
Bix with stand-in
Eddie Ryan
Placing the airlifted dome over Lou &
Laurie. Note Kenny on left guiding the
helicopters by radio and costumed to fit in
with actors once the crew (in street clothes)
ran out of the shot.
Ace chopper pilot Chuck Tamburro
hovers directly over Lou, Kenny &
the crew.
Big Prometheus Chopper inbound.