Photo Gallery for Short Circuit 2
(click photo to enlarge)
Day 1: Eric Allard, kneeling, creator of
Johnny 5, pilots the toy
Rigging the skateboard dolly
Air Traffic Control
Two cameras...some waiting
Tri-Star's David Madelon between Producers
Gary & David Foster
Katie Johnson does the slate
Lining up in Toronto
Crying over spilt robots
How about here?
Staging a duel
John McPherson, Cinematographer,
Kenny's long-time collaborator
Compatriots Fisher, Cindy Gibb &
Michael McKean
Puppeteer Gordon Robertson in the
telemetric control suit
Gord hung up to grab Jack Weston
Johnny Five and his vital organs
Working with Jack
Jeff Sagansky, Kenny's old pal and
head of Tri-Star
Staging the opening at Hamilton Airport
Charles Silverberg, Kenny's attorney,
does a walk on
Johnny checks light on Eve Crawford
--the U.S. flags are hiding Canadian ones