Photo Gallery for Steel -- (click photo to enlarge)
Annabeth Gish is a stand-up actress
Bleu notes for Shaq, Anabeth, Irma
& Ray J
Richard Roundtree, script supervisor
Petra Jorgensen, Shaq & A.B. on set
Tow rig for motorcycle shots
Kenny's son David
2nd A.D. Dirk Craft does a cameo
Camera Assistant Gary Ushino
Eric Pierpoint takes off his Alien
head to join  the cast
Anabeth & Richard barely escape
Gary Graham plays a different cop
Shaq said this was the young buck
gorilla with the old albino gorilla
A good hair day
Day 1 at Alameda Hospital
Joel Simon, Producer
Judd Nelson, the Bad Guy
Bad, but funny
How the director spends his spare time
A boy & his train set
Camera Operator Andrew Rowlands &
Steve Rogers
Bruce Minkus, Special Effects, Mark Irwin,
Cinematographer & 1st A.D
. Venita Ozols-Graham