The History…        

V – the original four-hour mini-series, was a landmark event in television: the
Number One show in America: with a 27.0 rating, a 40 share.

V’s initial broadcast in North America drew -- and kept -- 80 million viewers.

V was the highest rated program on NBC for two and a half years.

V’s enormous rating still places it among the Top 15 mini-series in all of television

V aired overseas against the 1984 Olympics, out-rating them two to one: 200 million

V played in South Africa during Apartheid. The day after it aired, there were big,
red V’s (for Victory) sprayed all over the walls of the black townships.

V has been continually rebroadcast over two decades. Its audience has constantly

V’s 2001 DVD release became an instant best-seller worldwide. With no advertising
or promotion, video sales are over 4,800,000 units for a revenue over $70 Million.

V was critically acclaimed by virtually all of the world’s key media reviewers.

In Kenny's director’s commentary on the V DVD he gave an e-mail address for
people who had comments. Thousands have poured in from around the world.
Over half say, “I was a kid when V first aired and I was captivated then, but now
that I’m late-20’s/early-30’s I appreciate how much deeper it was than I realized,
working on so many levels, (etc.) …I have shared it with my children who love it as
much as I do. We’d love to see a follow-up and where the story goes.”