Back in January, 2018, the new incarnation of Desilu Studios signed a
major option agreement with us and announced to the world that they
would be "bringing to the big screen V The Movie."

V was by far the most important project on Desilu's agenda. Naturally we
were delighted -- as were fans worldwide.

When Desilu made their splashy announcement I attached a caveat on this
page -- making it clear that they still had to line up the full funding. They
seemed to have resources and assured us it'd be only a few weeks.

But after several months of unfulfilled promises we became extremely
doubtful of Desilu's ability to actually fund and mount the production.

We heard from several other filmmakers, real estate developers, etc., who
had also gotten into business with Desilu, that they too were experiencing
identical non-performance on all levels.

When Desilu's option expired with us we did not pursue any further
involvement -- yet they hotly pursued us, promising they would "find a

We had no faith in them and since mid-summer we've been pursuing new
and far more reliable funding sources.

We've made considerable progress, but you know how I hate Hollywood
hype. I never want to get fans and friends stirred up until a situation gets
extremely real. Desilu Studios seemed to be -- but was not. We were badly
stung and angry -- particularly on behalf of the
expectant legions of V fans.

We were not alone. Read the full story in
The Hollywood Reporter.

V has always been a socially significant tale with an enduring theme: how
grave misuse of Power by authoritarian regimes draws in people who
collaborate for their own gain, but drives other ordinary people to become
the courageous heroes of Resistance who fight back.

V is both timeless and particularly timely at this moment in our country's
history -- and the world's.

Rest assured that m
y great team and I are undaunted and pressing on with
full steam to get the production funded and onto a theater screen near you.

                                                                                               Kenneth Johnson