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Kenny’s prime desire is to bring 21st Century state-of-the-art, big-screen production values to
V The Movie while carefully protecting the timeless story, the characters, the quality, integrity and
substance that make his original V such a favorite of worldwide audiences and  a critically
acclaimed, international landmark.
Used Spacecraft Lot,
taken on Warners
back lot while Kenny
was dubbing
Circuit 2 in 1988.
Read Kenny's exciting new novel...
coming soon in Italian translation.
V The Second Generation  
V one of TV Guide's 25 Greatest Sci-Fi Legends
Make a V Friend by Bryan
And Tor Books has also republished  
A.C. Crispin's novelization of
original miniseries in hardcover, trade
paper and pocket editions containing
special new material written by Kenny.
V Ship Drawings -- Because many fans have
asked, Kenny has located the original concept
sketches and plans which production designer
Chuck Davis created over a single weekend.
The link will bring up a PDF file.
V in Variety -- A recent article about all of Kenny's iconic shows being remade -- and his  continuing work
V - The Movie.
Another EW Honor for V: In addition to being among three of Kenny's shows in EW.com's "20 Greatest
Science Fiction Shows" and in EW.com's Sci-Fi 25: The Genre's Best sinice 1982,  V is now also one of
20 Classic Miniseries.  
The very latest personal info from Kenny...

"Most all the major studios sought to buy my movie rights to V. For
considerable amounts of money. But I knew that selling out to them
meant I’d likely lose control of the creative quality that fans of my
work expect from me - and that I expect from myself. - So I said no.

"I truly prefer that the movie should never get made rather than see
it slip from my hands and be made poorly by the wrong people. My
terrific producing partners and I are determined to set up
V The
as a major independent picture. At a budget of $60M that’s a
very tall order, but not an impossible dream.

"Besides, I’ve chased such dreams throughout my career and
succeeded plenty often enough to give me the solid faith to carry
on. We’re continuing to do so. We’ve been
painfully close several
times. We are again in promising discussions now.

"Echoing as it does the timeless story of heroic resistance against
oppression and bearing a powerful brand name that is famous
worldwide, there are few projects as strong and internationally
popular as V.

We are totally dedicated to the making of
V The Movie.

"And making it
the right way. The way we’ll all be proud of -- as
filmmakers and as audiences."

...Just what the world has been waiting for:
publication of the novelization of Kenny's
original V -- in Korean!
Audio Interviews. Hear Kenny talk about V & Alien Nation
And in the L.A. Times
Amazing new V Diorama created by the brilliant
Cesar Villar Toro of Spain. -- It's hard to believe
that this is really only
a model!
See Cesar's work in progress. Click on each
small photo to enlarge. Be sure to check out all
the pages. He's truly a genius.

See more
amazing close-ups!
A novel homage in Jonathan Franzen's Number One Bestseller, Freedom.
Video - Kenny tells origins of original V
Video - Kenny recalls casting Jane Badler
Original V honored yet again
V's Leonardo Cimino passes.
"Go tell your friends..."
Also...V invades Legoland
Featured in John Stewart's
new "history text book"...
V honored in England's The Guardian
And it was bound to happen