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Kenny’s prime desire is to bring 21st Century state-of-the-art, big-screen production values to
V The Movie while carefully protecting the timeless story, the characters, the quality, integrity and
substance that make his original V such a favorite of worldwide audiences and  a critically
acclaimed, international landmark.
Used Spacecraft Lot,
taken on Warners
back lot while Kenny
was dubbing
Circuit 2 in 1988.
Read Kenny's exciting new novel...
coming soon in Italian translation.
V The Second Generation  
V one of TV Guide's 25 Greatest Sci-Fi Legends
Make a V Friend by Bryan
And Tor Books has also republished  
A.C. Crispin's novelization of
original miniseries in hardcover, trade
paper and pocket editions containing
special new material written by Kenny.
V Ship Drawings -- Because many fans have
asked, Kenny has located the original concept
sketches and plans which production designer
Chuck Davis created over a single weekend.
The link will bring up a PDF file.
V in Variety -- A recent article about all of Kenny's iconic shows being remade -- and his  continuing work
V - The Movie.
Another EW Honor for V: In addition to being among three of Kenny's shows in EW.com's "20 Greatest
Science Fiction Shows" and in EW.com's Sci-Fi 25: The Genre's Best sinice 1982,  V is now also one of
20 Classic Miniseries.  
The latest personal info from Kenny... **Revised**

You know I hate Hollywood BS. I never want to coyly tease anyone.
I never believe a movie is really going to happen until I'm actually on
the set with my breakfast burrito in my hand. So let me just clarify
that s
ome promising discussions are in progress. -- Partly due to
the recent seismic changes in the worldwide political climate.

Please don't ask for details --  but
hold good hopes and stay tuned.  
I deeply appreciate your good faith, my dear friends.

"This you likely know: Major studios sought to buy my movie rights
V for considerable money. But I knew that selling out to them
meant I’d likely lose control of the creative quality that fans of my
work expect from me - and that I expect from myself. - So I said no.

"Instead we're working to set up V The Movie as a major
independent picture with private equity financing.  We’ve been very
close several times. At this moment it appears we may be again, but
I can't say more at this time. -- This much is for certain:

"Echoing as it does the timeless story of heroic resistance against
oppression and bearing a powerful brand name that is famous
worldwide, there are few projects as strong and internationally
popular as V.

We are totally dedicated to the making of
V The Movie as the first
of a Trilogy with two sequels based on my novel V The Second
And making it all the right way. The way we’ll all be
proud of -- as filmmakers and as audiences."
...Just what the world has been waiting for:
publication of the novelization of Kenny's
original V -- in Korean!
Audio Interviews. Hear Kenny talk about V & Alien Nation
And in the L.A. Times
Amazing new V Diorama created by the brilliant
Cesar Villar Toro of Spain. -- It's hard to believe
that this is really only
a model!
See Cesar's work in progress. Click on each
small photo to enlarge. Be sure to check out all
the pages. He's truly a genius.

See more
amazing close-ups!
A novel homage in Jonathan Franzen's Number One Bestseller, Freedom.
Video - Kenny tells origins of original V
Video - Kenny recalls casting Jane Badler
Original V honored yet again
V's Leonardo Cimino passes.
"Go tell your friends..."
Also...V invades Legoland
Featured in John Stewart's
new "history text book"...
V honored in England's The Guardian
And it was bound to happen