In addition to V being among three
of Kenny's programs in's
20 Greatest Science Fiction Shows"
-- V is now also in's
25: The Genre's Best Since 1982.
V Ship Drawings -- Because many fans have
asked, Kenny has located the original concept
sketches and plans which production designer
Chuck Davis created over a single weekend.
The link will bring up a PDF file.
An homage from Drew Carey...
Kenny's son David spotted this...
scan in about 5:40 and watch what
she takes out of the box.
Amazing new V Diorama created by the brilliant
Cesar Villar Toro of Spain. -- It's hard to believe
that this is really only
a model!
See Cesar's work in progress. Click on each
small photo to enlarge. Be sure to check out all
the pages. He's truly a genius.

See more
amazing close-ups!
Video - Kenny tells origins of
original V
Video - Kenny recalls casting
Jane Badler in original V
V's Leonardo Cimino passes.
"Go tell your friends..."
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V - The Original Four-Hour Miniseries
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