Photo Gallery from V The Original Mini-Series
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The Shoot...
First day of filming, Newsman
Howard K Smith & Jeanne Byrd,
script supervisor
Howard in the Newsroom set
Visitor Commandant Richard Herd
prepares to shock the world
Shooting the opening firefight at
Indian Dunes
Stunt Coordinator David Ellis &
Buddy Joe Hooker
Chuck Tamburro pilots the chopper
Chopper communication
The L.A. Sheriff's heliport
becomes the U.N. roof
Johnny & Camera Assistant
Bob Stuard help line up a shot
Kenny & the camera crane crew are
hanging four stories over the street
We come in peace. Yeah, right.
Hood-mounting the camera on
Michael Durrell
Camera operator (now ace cinematographer)
Rick Gunter frames it up
Visual Effects Supervisor Bob Bailey
(kneeling) helps set the shot
The first safety meeting at the
Mountain Camp
Posing for Rodin
Setting the scene for Faye