Kenneth Johnson's
much-anticipated new novel was
published in hardcover and trade
paper editions by Tor Books. It is
also available in a mass market
paperback edition and on Kindle.

An Italian translation is coming in
the spring!

Kenny hopes his many friends
who have eagerly looked forward
to the novel will enjoy it.

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The novel picks up the epic story
20 years after the original arrival
of the alien Visitors. Anyone
coming to V for the first time will
be immediately swept up into the
Brave New World which The
Visitors have created.

By bringing many benefits to
humankind The Visitors have
seduced the majority of earth's
people into believing they have
our best interests at heart.

But the brave people of The
Resistance know the horrifying
truth and are struggling to save
humanity before it's too late.

Then, at their darkest hour, The
Resistance discovers startling
new Allies who have come to

...Or have they?

V - The Second Generation is a
tense, fast-paced, riveting
exploration of how ordinary
people react to the perils of life
under nightmarish wartime
occupation.  And how such
enormous pressures bring out
the worst -- or the most heroic --
in human nature.

Author info at Tor
"With its echoes of the Holocaust and World War II, 'V'
could look anachronistic in this Age of Terror, but
Johnson skillfully updates the '80s classic to the new
world order, retaining the flavor of the original but
adding fresh characters, 21st-century technology and
a heaping portion of environmental awareness."

                              Kate O’Hare
                              The Tribune Syndicate
"Johnson was the creative mastermind behind the
popular 1980s miniseries V…this novel resumes the
conflict via an irresistible plot twist. Johnson’s
energetic prose should give long-suffering V fans
some new thrills."
"A delight to read...This pulse-pounding novel will
keep readers riveted as it rockets toward a stunning
conclusion both satisfying and utterly unexpected."

                               Tomorrow's Entertainment
"Mastermind Kenneth Johnson has resurrected the
battle between the human resistance and the gopher
gobbling reptilians with
V: The Second Generation, the
dark, action packed, eye-opening, social commentary
sequel to his original sci-fi endeavor that picks up 20
years after his original story."

                               Ain't It Cool News
"…A fast-paced, action adventure tale of the powerful and entitled Visitors... Johnson creates
some surprising new characters and sexual relationships, particularly involving the Visitor
Leader. ...Johnson is especially effective, as he was in the original miniseries, at introducing
disparate, unrelated stories and slowly having them collide with one another throughout the
course of the story…I certainly enjoyed being back in that world and the thrust of the story."

                                                                                               Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"The novel was a great read…Johnson doesn’t waste a second of plot and he does manage to
create a thrilling story. While the story line has turned much darker than the previous V
miniseries, fans of the V narrative will love this powerful submission. …This exhilarating new
novel, V: The Second Generation will keep readers locked in as it soars toward an astonishing
finish both fulfilling and totally unanticipated."

"Johnson's finale to his rousing sci-fi tale is a big winner… a breathlessly-paced sci-fi
adventure that I found irresistible and impossible to put down. Who doesn't love a thriller that
revolves around an underground movement to overthrow brutal oppressors? I salute Kenneth
Johnson, a very creative guy.”
"Johnson successfully draws the reader into the emotional turmoil that his characters
experience. Indeed, one of the strengths of Johnson’s writing is how much we come to care for
the characters and their journeys. …He is above all else a visually-oriented writer, and is intent
on creating memorable visuals. …The book is entertaining, filled with well-wrought imagery,
and keeps moving forward at a snappy pace. Most readers will find the book to be an addictive
"Kenneth Johnson.  I could probably end the review right there because when he puts something
out, it is always quality. This book is not only a great read, well written and satisfying to all science
fiction fans, but the reflections on society and human nature are so interesting and hit so close to
home, making this book a must for any library. This book captures everything that was great
about the original.  It’s intriguing and there are twists and surprises and it is really impossible to
put down once picked up.
Of course, this is much more than just a great sci-fi book.  It is a reflection of society. Everything
from a government controlled media, to bigotry, and depletion of resources are all matters that are
of the most relevance.  
Without question Kenneth Johnson is the closest our generation will come to the great Rod
Serling.  His understanding of the human mind has created some of the most developed and
understood characters ever.  He easily draws the audience in with situations that are realistic.  He
makes clear the motivations and drive of each person and therefore the reader is with each one.
It doesn’t get much better than this.  'V:
The Second Generation' is a novel one can read again and
again.  To think of this on the big screen actually causes an excitement that most haven’t felt
about movies in a long time.  As good as the original, this is a must-read and will without question
be a must-see."